The Chino Boxing Club offers more than 48 years of experience between our boxing instructors. Through positive reinforcement and encouragement the instructors provide the participants of the program with quality mentoring. They are the heart and soul of the Chino Boxing Club.


Ray Morales - Head Coach
Ray has been with the boxing program for over 8 years. When he was younger he used to box as an amateur within USA Boxing. He leads our program and instills in the youth the traits that are needed to become a champion in and out of the ring.
Abraham Ortega - Boxing Instructor
Abraham used to be a participant in the boxing program and at 22 years of age he is the youngest and one of the most dedicated trainers in the gym. He pours his knowledge into the participants in the program and pushes them to their limits so that they may succeed in the ring.
Mark Kaylor - Boxing Instructor
Mark has represented Great Britain in the 1980 Olympics. He has also held the ABA Middleweight Championship Belt. Marks record is 40-7-1 with 34 knockouts. Marks knowledge of the sport is vast. He pours his knowledge to the many participants that he trains.